Moccs by Robin has been a dream come true for me to start my own business doing what I love. My first word when I was little was "shoes" when I opened up a gift on Christmas and received some. Shoes have always been an obsession of mine. In 2013, we welcomed our son Jake. I started to see baby shoes and moccasins on Instagram and one day decided I wanted to make some. I made my own pattern through trial and error and finally came up with the perfect pattern. Within a couple weeks of opening an Etsy shop, I sold more than I had ever imagined and was spending day and night sewing baby shoes. It all boils down to my amazing family and the support from my husband. I do this for them. Lindsey Fitzgerald lovingly sews each pair of shoes and is based in Salt Lake City, UT.

Vivie & Ash launched in January 2014. The previous summer we welcomed our daughter and decided I would not return to work full time. It was a huge leap of faith for us because we were not financially prepared to be a one income family. With our first born going on three years old I was really feeling their childhoods slip away and couldn't bear the thought of not spending as much time with them as possible. We decided we would "find a way." Soon after opening my Etsy shop selling primarily leggings I realized I had found a passion for children's clothes and this handmade community. In January of 2015 we launched our website and continue to expand the pieces we offer with each new season. All patterns are hand drawn by Sara Hood and sewn by hand locally in Indianapolis, IN. 

Samantha and Jacoby Lischka started Modern Burlap in their family's lovely little Texas barn with endless product ideas for their son, Cross, and a shoestring budget to create them. This husband and wife duo knew the benefits that both muslin swaddle blankets and high-contrast, black-and-white designs offered for infants 0-4 months, but they couldn't find this combination anywhere when their son was born.  In an effort to provide the very best for babies across the globe, they decided to create their own!  Since November 2014, Modern Burlap has taken muslin swaddle blankets to a whole new level for the modern baby, offering signature black-and-white prints that research shows enhance eyesight and stimulate brain development in babies 0-4 months in particular.  Each blanket is made with GOTS certified organic cotton and non-toxic dyes.

At FJS PopShop, we believe accessories are what transforms clothing into an outfit. The right accessory can set the tone for an entire look whether it be sweet, sophisticated, sassy or even silly. We love the fact that we can provide affordable, adorable accessories that offer fun and fashion to every member of the family. In March 2014, we began selling children’s accessories. We grew into a company that provides a variety of glasses, sunglasses and suspenders to babies, children and adults around the world. Our small venture bloomed into an enormous passion. Knowing that we can make so many kids and families happy truly brightens our day. 

Allison Song is the owner and designer of Flower Crown Society. She creates each flower crown by hand with the hopes of helping others feel brave and beautiful. She loves to explore and seek inspiration from around the world, but also loves planting roots in her hometown, Atlanta. Apart from creating flower crowns, she also styles and coordinates weddings, and loves bringing clients' visions to life.