Baby Talk: Cali, 18 Month Update

Cali, Cali, Cali... how is the time passing so quickly? You are already 18 months and I can’t even begin to describe just how amazing you are. You are spunky and a tiny ball full of sass.  You can be shy at times but we know that when you are in your element, you are brave and fearless.

You laugh when you get in trouble and will even tease with a coy smile before you do something naughty. You know what you want even if you can’t always say it yet. You are smart and can sign “more”, “milk”, and “water” when you are hungry or thirsty. You love to say “all done”, “uh oh”, “mama” and you call daddy “bob” (for babe). Recently you’ve learned to say “bobo” which usually means bottle or sometimes bubbles.

You love to be held and are so very affectionate.   I love the way you run with your toddler waddle. The way you get excited whenever I come out of the office to take a break or when your dad comes home, hugging our legs and wanting to be picked  up. It drives mommy crazy when you have to touch my face when you sleep or even when you’re just sitting watching TV. But I can’t help but let you continue to do it every day because I want to cherish every moment you want to be close to me.

Your teeth come out so painfully slowly. Your canines are finally breaking though. You eat pretty well, almost feeding yourself and drinking through a straw now. You love to make a mess with you food and touch your hair while you eat, especially with spaghetti and peanut butter & jelly. Your hair is pretty terrible like your brothers was — super fine and uneven. But you are so incredibly beautiful. When I look at your face I just feel so blessed to be your mama.