Baby Talk: Cali, 8 Week Update

My Baby Cali... 

Cali is short for the Greek names Calliope meaning "beautiful voice" or Calista "most beautiful" -- not the state of California, in case you were wondering... You'd be surprised how many people have asked that. :P I should mention that Cali is also a diminutive for the name that her father wanted, Catalina. I think I’ve mentioned before that I don’t like nicknames and did not want people calling her Cat or Lina so using it as inspiration I decided to take Cali from it. It was a beautiful compromise, I’d say.

It's already been 8 weeks and I can't believe how quickly life is passing by as I desperately try to hold on to each fleeting moment. As much as I love watching her grow, I never want to forget how tiny she was, the goofy faces she makes while falling asleep or that sad pout right before she's about to cry. She's now 10lbs and is starting to make the cutest cooing sounds.

The first couple weeks were rough... my recovery was miserable. Engorgement, rashes, ew. But now that the hard part is over, our family is much happier and adjusting to life as four. We've been a lot more successful with breastfeeding this time around and I really enjoy the bonding time with her.  When I look down at her little face, I can't help but feel like I've known her forever, as if she was always meant to be my daughter. I'm so grateful.