Meditation: Day 1

I’ve been wanting to begin meditating for a couple months now. I recently saw Arianna Huffington speak at a conference and she spoke about how well-being is an important part of success. I have her book Thrive and while I have yet to finish reading it, one of the first ways she says that you can change your life is by practicing meditation. She emphasized this in her talk as well. Everywhere I look, it seems like more and more people are doing it and it’s the well-kept secret that I wanted to be in on.

So I researched a little bit about it and how you can get your family to meditate, making it part of your daily life. I was excited to see that even children can practice meditation at a young age. My husband agreed we should do it and we tried to set a time first thing in the morning so that we could start our days refreshed. I even added it to my Google calendar! Unfortunately, we are not morning people. Even our 1 year old tends to sleep in until 9AM. Maybe he is still on Pacific time, who knows.

I’ve been trying to get motivated to do it and each day I tell myself tomorrow – I’ll start tomorrow. And finally, today is the day that I did it! I figured I should take advantage of the quiet time I have to myself and just go for it, with or without them. I decided that I would start with just 5 minutes and then slowly increase the time whenever I felt ready. To my surprise, the 5 minutes felt like 1.5 minutes and it was over before I even felt like I had found a rhythm.

While I can’t say that I feel refreshed or that I found my inner light, I can say that it’s a start. I have to admit that during my first meditation, I thought about how I should have brushed my teeth before starting among other not so calming things. I wish I was confident enough to believe that from this day forward, I will do it each and every day… but I know myself and I expect that it will be a challenge. I’m not one who is a creature of strong habit. But I wanted to remember that I did it and how it felt, in hopes that it will keep me going.