Baby Talk: Our First Trimester

I haven’t been so diligent about ‘journaling’ during my pregnancy but it didn’t take long for me to learn that pregnancy brain is totally real. I already had a terrible memory to begin with so I figured I better get to it before I forget everything. I may not be taking weekly pictures of my belly but my attempt is to keep some sort of memory of what this experience was like.

So I decided trimester recaps would suffice as I haven't actually experienced too many drastic changes at any particular point. Maybe as I get closer to birth, I’ll have more to update on but we shall see. To start off, I would say that I’ve been extremely lucky to have an easy pregnancy so far. I say so far only because part of me gets nervous that things are almost too good that maybe later is when it will get harder. But I attribute my good health to my positive attitude so might as well keep on keeping on.

So what’s it really like being pregnant?
The biggest change that comes with pregnancy is not so much the fact that you have a tiny human growing inside you; that happens pretty gradually. I mean really, just watch your stomach, it takes weeks/months. But what is different is the way people look at you, talk to you and act towards you. Even before you start to show, you notice their eyes immediately fall to your abdomen and you can tell that they just want to aww at you.

Before you can figure out that your life is about to completely change, the questions people constantly ask will be your big red flag… When are you due? Do you know the sex? How do you feel? Is it weird? Are you craving anything? Game over. Ha, I’m kidding. I definitely get a sense that people will often times get more worked up and excited than the people who are actually pregnant. But it’s fun, enjoy it. It’s probably the only time you will get so much special treatment. Once baby arrives, all eyes are on baby.

What is surprising is that people expect you to say things like I would love some pickles and ice cream right about now. Unfortunately for them, my pregnancy is kind of on the boring side. It actually feels kind of normal… it’s natural and not as foreign as you might imagine. But again, maybe it’s just me. I know others who have a much more difficult time and everyone is different.

That’s another thing you learn quickly, everyone is so quick to offer advice about pregnancy and having kids but just remember to take it with a grain of salt. No one will know your body and your baby better than you and your partner. So do whatever you feel is best for your family and don’t worry about the million and one things everyone tells you.