Time For A Change

By the end of 2014, our life was so different from what we remembered it to be. Not only did we have a new baby, we commuted farther to work and had our parents staying with us in our one bedroom apartment because daycare was just too expensive. Our lifestyle had completely changed. Going out less meant that I could spend my time with our baby which is more than worth it in my book. We knew it would happen and we were okay with that. We weren't okay with our circumstances and so we decided it was time for a change.

We had always planned to move back East once we were ready to start a family. This was obviously sooner than we had thought but life gave us a sign. Shortly after Theo's arrival... We went to visit our friends. They asked when we would move home (which they always do) to which we responded when they all had kids. To our surprise, we found out that 3 of our best friends were having babies too... And they would be all boys! Who would have thought?! We didn't want to miss out on the birthdays and the little moments in between. So as promised, 4 little boys have entered our lives and here we are making the effort to be close so that they can grow up together from the start.

This road that we chose isn't the easy road. Most people may assume that moving home back to where we grew up would make life much simpler. I have friends that are hesitant to move home because it seems like your life would revert back to comfortable and boring. I actually find it to be a lot more challenging than our life in the Bay. Yes, it's familiar territory. But for us to keep our jobs and stay where we were is comfortable. We gave up the nice weather, our favorite restaurants and the carefree lifestyle. We live in the suburbs far from the city now and it is definitely quiet. Finding a new comfortable isn't easy. With this new road, we have new expectations upon us. We have to pave our way forward and we exactly don't know where it will lead.

There are many moments every day that I miss our old life. I question whether we made the right choice. The people we met and the experiences we had in San Francisco were one of a kind. It's hard not to compare. I am hopeful though. Hopeful that this change will inspire us. That the course of our path will take a turn for even greater. And most importantly, that this will give us the perspective we need to be grateful to be where we are.