Our Farewell To The Bay

We didn't fall in love with San Francisco at first and most people don't. It's foggy and cold at times, especially in the summer when people expect warmth. It takes time. And until you've given yourself the chance to experience the true unrelenting beauty of the Bay Area, you'll never be convinced of what it has to offer. And it doesn't expect you to get it right away. Because it knows that once you do, you'll never forget it. 

As heartbreaking as it was to make this decision, we felt that it was our time to move back East where we grew up. We knew how much we were going to miss it but I don't worry too much... I know we'll be back again. It is where we found love and started our family. No other city can ever take its place.

We were so lucky to do one last photo shoot with the darling and lovely, Cassie Green.