Baby Talk: Theo, Months 3-6

The past 3 months have felt pretty long actually. We did a lot and it almost seems as though we have been parents for a while now... long enough to start forgetting what it was like being pregnant and what life was like before baby. Sort of. The more I ask him to slow down, the faster he grows and develops into a little person. Totally unfair if you ask me. But as much as I wish he would stay tiny, the other half of me loves every little bit of him that is new and exciting. Each discovery is like learning what life is over and over again.

So what's new? Theo can grab things (including my hair) reaching as far as his little feet. He rolls around and around, twisting and turning. I can't tell you how many times we've woken up to a loud thud from Theo hitting his head on the crib. Poor guy. He loves standing, jumping, stomping his feet and to our amusement, he likes to pound on his tummy when he gets excited. He seems pretty strong so it's borderline worrisome but he doesn't seem to feel hurt when he does it so I guess it's fine. 

He is not quite crawling but will wiggle to reach for his toys. His favorite toys are bright red and have faces. His favorite thing in the world has to be when he sees himself in the mirror. He gets so excited that I'm starting to think he may be a little bit of a narcissist, ha. Theo is finally ticklish and it's my favorite thing when he squeals of laughter when I tickle him. We are still working on sitting up and he is just starting to be able to hold his bottle and bring it to his mouth but only when it is almost empty

We have the basics under our belts and feel pretty comfortable with the whole changing, feeding, bathing deal. Things are fairly routine. We still wash him when he poops although it is more difficult now that he is heavier. We started adding cereal to his milk but it's not like Cheerios cereal. It's just flakier formula powder. We also try to practice using a spoon every now and then. We'll be starting solids soon, still debating what his first taste of real food should be... Sweet potato, carrots, peas, banana, apple? Can't wait!


To my biggest surprise, our son already has two little teeth. My mom said that I didn't have teeth until 9 months so I thought I still had time. Theo began drooling not too long after I stopped breastfeeding. Sigh. I was not and still am not quite ready for all this big boy business. But I have to admit, they are stinkin' cute on him. All I can tell you is, make sure to have those bibs ready because they can go through 3 a day, soaking wet, easily. We put his teething toys in a ziplock bag in the freezer so he has something to sooth his gums whenever he gets fussy. We also got him a little toothbrush to hold and get used to now that he is grabbing things. I think it is the funniest thing whenever he grabs for things and eagerly shoves them in his mouth. So silly!


We decided to take advantage of our paid family leave time and take a trip home so that our family could meet Theo. We went back around 4th of July, right in time for our son's 100 days, which is commonly celebrated in Korean and Chinese cultures. I had a good amount of anxiety when it came to flying with baby because I am a light packer. I only ever bring a single carry on with me. (And no, I am not joking.) So the idea of taking an infant, with a stroller, car seat, diaper bag, formula and luggage through airport security was terrifying.

Traveling with a 3 month old is actually not bad at all and from what we could tell, it probably is the only time you can have them sleep and sit still even through a 6 hour plane ride. I was most nervous about the pressure hurting Theo's ears and I was prepared to feed him on the way up and down but our sweet little angel slept nearly the entire flight! You may get a few eye rolls from travelers who dislike noisy children but generally you will be fine. So if you are considering a trip with your new baby, my advice is just go for it!

Going Back to Work

This is not one of my favorite subjects. Only because in an ideal world, I wouldn't have to leave my baby to go back to work. I had always hoped to be a very present mother while my children are a very young age but unfortunately for me, we're not in a place in our lives to be able to do that. And for some, staying at home isn't a desire or consideration and that's cool too. Just because we are all women doesn't mean that we are wired exactly the same way.If you take a look around, there are always people doing it every which way so there is no wrong way. It's about finding what works for you.

While I wish I could be the one to stay home, I will say that we are lucky. Lucky that we didn't have to interview nannies/strangers to take care of our son and that we don't have to drop him off at daycare/school yet. Because I mean really, he is just way too young in my eyes. Again I am not trying to judge at all. Just sharing what reservations I had about finding the best care for my child. We had our parents come to watch Theo and this is what gives me enough peace of mind to sit in an office 30 miles away from my son everyday for 8 hours. A lot of older parents ask me what we are doing about daycare and seem to say it's the best thing ever when I tell them.

But is it really the best thing ever, you ask? Mmm, I wouldn't say that. We live in a one bedroom apartment and honestly we were used to having a whole country in between us. It was and is a HUGE adjustment but we manage to survive. The nuances... That could be a post in and of itself. We can just save that for another day... if ever. Now our days are basically just going to work and hurrying home to get back to Theo every night. The time we spend with him is just a small portion of the day so we try to enjoy it as best we can. The best part is that I think he recognizes us so as soon as we walk in the door he looks over and gives us that mega smile of his. No matter how crappy your day was, it's always worth it when you see that little face.