Baby Talk: Theo, Months 0-3

I cannot believe how the last two months have flown by. It literally happens in a blink and every day there is something new to love about our baby boy. The days of finger feeding and waking up every 30 minutes during the night seem like a distant memory. Not going to lie though, those days were hard. Theo is nearly 3 months old yet it feels like we have been parents for a year already. 

I couldn't have done it without Kevin by my side and I'm so grateful that we've become even closer. It is amazing yet bittersweet at the same time. We so desperately try to hold on to each precious moment with him and I am afraid of him growing up too quickly. But the crazy thing is that with every day that passes and each thing he learns to do, I love him even more, which is practically impossible because I love him SO much already.

By 8 weeks, Theo began sleeping through the night, smiling and baby-talking to us. He is now 11 lbs & 23 inches and can hold his head up surprisingly well. Although I'm not sure he likes tummy time very much. I love that he is more awake and alert these days. It's my favorite thing to watch him wake up. He stretches everything out and makes the funniest faces. Then he is up and ready to play. Kevin is definitely enjoying fatherhood a lot more now that Theo smiles back at him.


Theo was never really a fan of breastfeeding unfortunately. We tried everything from seeing lactation consultants to having his mild tongue tie clipped. I do my best to pump but it's actually more exhausting than I realized. I got mastitis which was pretty miserable because I rarely get sick. I felt discouraged when we began supplementing with formula but our baby needs to eat well to grow so I accepted that I just couldn't produce as much as he needs. The plus side was that with formula at least I could have help with feedings.

We started with Tommee Tippee bottles and they were fine. After a while, I noticed the nipples would collapse and he started dribbling a lot. (Muslin bibs became a lifesaver and I prefer the snap style over the burpies. Side note: Carter's bibs are for teething/drooling not milk spillage. Duh, right?) I was a little hesitant to try Dr. Brown bottles because the parts seemed annoying. But they're great and he doesn't dribble anymore which makes me feel relieved since we are no longer wasting milk. And I know they are helping with his gas because his burps aren't as huge, haha. Make sure to close the bottles really tight though or else they leak.

Changing & Washing

We first learned in baby care class that you shouldn't use wipes for the first month because of the chemicals. So we invested in a hot water boiler and set up our changing area. We had it figured out... or so we thought. As soon as my mom came, she totally changed our diaper game. I couldn't imagine washing my baby every time he poops but it is actually way better because we never have a problem with diaper rash anymore. This also means no more peeing on the walls. :) 

Diapers are diapers but I love Honest. Yes, they are a little pricier but I feel better knowing I don't have to worry about any chemicals. They don't have that baby powder smell which is a good sign because powder in diapers could lead to respiratory issues. My mom also taught us how to check if they are wet so you don't need the wetness indicator. These days, I change Theo anywhere -- on the couch, on the floor, on the bed -- makes life so much easier lol.


Initially, I was really against having multiple strollers and car seats because we just don't have the space but all the parents we knew insisted that we get an infant seat and a Snap N Go. I couldn't picture myself lugging around a heavy car seat with a baby in it. Just to give some context, I am about 5'3" and 110 lbs. The first thing I looked for in our baby gear was ease of use and lightweight was a must. I found the Graco SnugRide Classic Connect 30 and I think it's about 11 lbs without the base? Thumbs up in my book.

I was looking forward to wearing our baby as much as possible, especially while he is still small and wants me to carry him. We have the ErgoBaby and a Boba wrap, both of which I find a bit hard to put on myself and get him into. I can manage with the Boba but definitely not the Ergo. Theo may also be a bit too small for the Ergo still (since we didn't get the infant insert) or maybe it's just too hot these days to get comfortable. We'll keep trying and see how it goes.

Clothing & Sleeping

Theo is not a child who likes to be tamed. He does not like his arms being swaddled. In just seconds, he will break free and be flailing around. It doesn't seem to be a problem for him though. We also have a soother that plays sounds to help babies fall asleep but I don't think it made a big difference either. He falls asleep just fine as long as he is full. It's cute that he likes to sleep with his butt in the air sometimes too.

I really love aden + anais swaddle blankets. They are so versatile and can be used for swaddling, wiping up spit up or drool, keeping baby warm or making cushions to hold up his head in the car seat. I like them more than SwaddleMe wraps with the velcro and I don't have to worry about the size. Sleep gowns were really useful during the first two months because no one wants to fuss with zippers or snaps in the middle of the night. Plus, Kevin liked to roll up the gown over Theo's arms to keep him from swatting, haha.


Theo didn't seem to care for some of the toys we showed him like our play gym, bouncer or stroller toys at first. He definitely likes human interaction better and I don't mind of course. So I was surprised to find out that he really liked this Tiny Love mobile when we visited the hospital. It's specially designed to help the developing brains of babies with bright, contrasting colors and classical music. I think he is finally seeing colors and shapes now because the other day he had a full on conversation with the lion that hangs on his bouncer lol.

Mama's Must-Haves

A few of my favorite baby products. I couldn't live without the Medela Hands Free Bustier. I spend a lot of time pumping so it's nice to have my iPad and blog while I pump. As a bottle feeding family, Tommee Tippee Formula Dispensers are great when we go out. Another product I'm happy to have is the JJ Cole BundleMe Lite because it's perfect for the temperate Bay Area weather. And finally, I really love playing music for Theo and the Disney and lullaby stations on Pandora are my favorites.