A Letter To Baby: 9 Months Pregnant

Dear Baby Mui,

As your arrival is quickly approaching, I wanted to take the time to write a letter just for you.

You have been such a blessing since day 1 and I am so grateful to be having you at this point in our lives. You have brought us closer as a family, to each other and to our parents. We have been showered with love and support from our friends, even those who are far away. You have a lot of aunties and uncles who love you already!

You are quite the active baby, moving often, and you are pretty strong I must say. I can always feel when you are stretching or have hiccups. Sometimes I wonder if you are restless in there and eager to come out. The doctor says you have already turned head down which is a relief.

You seem to be a well behaved baby, easy to take care of. I remember that I was worried that my wedding dress wouldn't fit for our reception but come that day, you somehow let it fit just right. Thank you for that and for not being too hard on me these past 8 months. I hope this stays true later on as well.

In so many ways, you are already very much like your father. You love sweets, especially chocolate, and simple comfort foods like pizza. It is a bit difficult to eat anything spicy but hopefully you will grow to like it the way your dad did after we started dating. 

I'm not sure if you are a shy one but every time I tell your dad to watch for your kicks, you like to stop for some reason. But maybe you are being coy, again just like your father. You seem to calm down when he puts his hand on my belly. His hands are bigger and warmer so perhaps it soothes you.

I imagine you to be adventurous, to have big eyes filled with wonder and a roaring laugh that is nothing short of contagious. We hope that you will love sports and that you will be a natural born leader. We want you to always be kind and respectful to others. Dream big because I know you can do amazing things.

You have taught me more about life in just a few months than I could have learned on my own in a few years. I have so much faith that this is the life we were meant to have and it all makes sense now. You have given us a reason to strive for greater and more meaningful things. I love you and can't wait to meet you little one.