Writing Your Own Vows

I love helping friends plan their weddings whether it be in suggesting photographers or defining a couple's personal style. But one of my favorite things to help with is writing their vows. This is the one part of your day that is truly your own and will hopefully be the most memorable moment of the entire day. I've had a few friends get writer's block so I thought I'd post some of the tips I've shared.

Start with what you love about about your partner and then think about what makes your relationship special. In our case, we live far away from our family and friends so they don't get to see us interact on a daily basis. It was our way of sharing our story with them. If you want to keep it short, you don't have to say every little thing but it's a good place to start and find inspiration.

You can make it personal by telling a funny story or if you're more of the sappy romantic type, maybe quote your favorite love song. Whatever it is, make it something unique to you and your partner. Even an inside joke will make it feel like it's just the two of you in a room full of people. And finally, don't forget the things you promise to give in your marriage. After all, a vow is a promise.

When you decide to marry someone, you think of all the reasons why you love them.

Kevin is kind and generous. He is there whenever anyone needs a hand and he easily becomes everyone's friend. He doesn't mind doing all the dirty chores like taking out the garbage or cleaning the bathroom... I'm sure my family probably wonders how I got so lucky to have found someone like Kevin who does all of the chores because we all know that I don't like to do any. Kevin works really hard and no matter what the job, he never complains.

Kevin doesn't like to plan and never worries about the future. If you know me, you'll know this drives me crazy. But in situations when most people panic, he remains extremely calm and knows exactly what to do. You can say that Kevin is the complete opposite of me but for that exact reason, he is perfect for me. He keeps me grounded and balances me out. He is all of the things that I am not but everything that I wish I was.

Kevin, you are the love of my life. You are my laughter and my happiness. It's no secret that we've faced our fair share of challenges but it has only made us that much stronger. I've known for so long that I wanted to spend my life with you but never did I imagine we would end up here today, with all of our dreams coming true as if it was all meant to be.

I vow to put you first and trust that you will always do the same. I will support you and believe in you the way that you support me and believe in me. I will dream with you and work hard with you. And I promise to try my hardest to show you each and every day how grateful I am to share this life with you. I love you.