Getting Excited For Baby

You often hear about expectant fathers not being as enthusiastic as mothers during pregnancy. They just 'don't get it'... They don't have that physical bond with their child yet and don't realize the changes that are about to happen. Their brains are wired to worry about more practical things like how am I going to provide for my family which can be really stressful. In an attempt to connect with my husband emotionally, I asked Kevin what he is excited about being able to do with our son as he grows up.

Things we look forward to doing with our son...

  • Getting him cool haircuts
  • Playing hooky & taking him to the zoo
  • Listening to him talk about his first crush
  • Teaching him how to ride a bike
  • Watching his basketball games
  • Taking him to college

We don't want to get too excited and say that Baby Mui will definitely play basketball some day. But whatever he chooses to do, we will be there every step of the way to support him and cheer him on. We also asked our friends & family to send us some wishes for baby since a lot them live on the East Coast and can't join us for our baby shower.

Our wishes for baby...

  • We hope that you... laugh loudly & smile often.
  • We hope you aren't afraid... to take chances.
  • We hope you love... to try new things.
  • We hope you get... your dad's humility.
  • We hope you never forget... to give back.
  • We hope you become... the best looking guy in town.

That last one is daddy's wish. :) I can't wait to see the little person our baby will become.