Baby Talk: Eating for Two

It must be awesome eating as much as you want...

Um actually, I hate to break it to all the non-pregger people out there, but you're not supposed to eat for two! Just 300 calories more is sufficient. I quickly realized that I couldn't ignore my hunger at times like I did before. I felt terribly guilty and knew I had to feed our little bun. I focused on increasing calcium and iron in my diet and started taking prenatal vitamins.

Early on, I spent many mornings wide awake by 5AM and I couldn't think of anything else until I had a bowl of cereal. I wanted fruit a lot of the time and didn't really have an appetite for meat which made me wonder if I was having a girl. I ate a lot of cheese and carbs.... grilled cheese, quesadilla, pizza, yum! I noticed that my taste buds began to change because while I normally love spicy food, it suddenly became almost intolerable. This baby takes after daddy, for sure.

I didn't care for fancy foods like truffle fries. If anything, the smell bothered me a bit. Steamed or cooked vegetables made it on the stinky list too. Oh, we probably eat way too much fast food. Everyone tries to reassure me, it's okay, you have to eat more for the baby. We've had everything from McDonald's to Wendy's and Taco Bell... several times. I did learn on a breakfast date at IHOP that baby loves sausage and pancakes! :) I could swear I never ate something more satisfying and delicious.

As I mentioned before, I don’t have any bizarre cravings but what I do miss are all the things you can’t eat during pregnancy… soft cooked eggs, sushi, medium rare steak. I definitely can’t wait to eat all of these once baby arrives. I was never the type of person who loved drinking alcohol and coffee but perhaps it’s the fact that I’m not supposed to that makes me want to have it more. The human mind, yeah… I don’t get it either.

It was even harder with the holidays and all our wedding events but I will admit (and don’t get all judgey with me) that in moderation, it seems fine. The definition of moderation is so subjective and that’s the reason they say no all together. As long as you don’t do it on the daily, it’s not the end of the world if you decide to indulge in that tall pumpkin spice latte or have a sip (or four) of your partner’s wine. My guilty conscience won’t let me have more than a little anyway.

I would say though that I am less daring when it comes to food, only because the food safety in the US doesn’t seem reliable enough. The risks of salmonella, etc. are much greater than the effect of that little bit of champagne so to be safe, just wait. It’s only a few months, you’ll live. Another thing to note is that your body will tell you when it needs something. Sometimes, I really want milk or beef and then I realize it’s probably because I haven’t had enough calcium or iron that week.

Oh and before I end my food post, the one thing baby LOVES is chocolate. I never had a sweet tooth and would rather have savory snacks but during pregnancy whenever I see a cookie, it’s hard to say no! And I’m finding that after every meal, no matter how stuffed I am, I still want dessert. It’s a little strange but I guess you can’t fight it—baby wants what baby wants.